About Us


Grand Estate is an integrated Real Estate Consultancy firm founded by Georges El Khoury, a visionary leader with 10+Years of experience and a proven track record in delivering business strategies and corporate restructuring initiatives across business divisions in the sector.

Adept to working within challenging business markets to identify opportunities and assertively drive growth and profits by internally structuring business units, and empowering and mobilizing top tier talent, and externally developing customer centric solutions, while tracking and optimizing performance across the business cycle.

Innovative, data driven with a hands-on approach that embraces change and focuses on exceeding goals and expectations through solid leadership and negotiating abilities.

The scope of Grand Estate covers an array of project types, from single residential or commercial buildings, to gated communities, beach and mountain resorts to new micro cities.

Grand Estate brings together A level players and consultants to deliver sound business results.

Areas Of Expertise

Strategic Business Planning & Execution
Integrated Operations
Competitive Monitoring
Complex Change Management
Client Relationship Management
Identifying Opportunities
Risk Management & Performance Metrics
Marketing Strategy
High Productivity With Collaborative Approach
Project Analysis
Leadership & Motivation
Team Building
Lead Generation
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